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Most people don’t think about their heating and cooling systems until they break or need to be serviced, but it’s worth thinking about regular maintenance to improve the energy efficiency of your home, save money, and improve your carbon footprint. Contact Bergenfield for information.

Change your air filters regularly

If the air filters in your heating or cooling system are blocked, they run less efficiently. But that’s not all; dirty air filters are also a health hazard; they can aggravate people’s lungs with breathing difficulties and can even cause breathing issues such as asthma.

It’s recommended that you change your air filters every three months to ensure they are clean ad your system is operating at its maximum efficiency. However, in heavier use months, such as winter and summer, the frequency of filter changes should be increased. It depends on usage. 

Have your HVAC serviced

When was the last time you had your car serviced? Most people have their vehicle services at least once a year, or more depending on its mileage. Servicing your vehicle makes it run more efficiently, improves the gas milage and mechanical operations. But, of course, your HVAC is the same.

Like a car, an HVAC needs to be serviced once a year to clean out the ducts, replace the filters and deal with any mechanical issues that have come up. An HVAC service doesn’t take long, but it greatly enhances the quality of the appliance and helps save money and carbon output.

Install a smart thermostat

How much energy and money would you save if you could control the temperature of your home automatically? This is what a smart thermostat can do for you. A smart thermostat is set to the times when you need your home heated or cooled; an app can control these devices.

Set your smart thermostat to come on and off at appropriate times, but you can also modify it to optimize your home’s energy based on unexpected requirements. If you change plans, for instance, and decide to stay out longer, use your smartphone to switch off the heating.

Seal heating and cooling ducts

Heating systems in the home are usually a forced-air furnace, and a central air conditioner, or a heat pump. Each of these devices moves air through various ducts to heat the home from below. In principle, these systems are effective and efficient, but only if the ducts are seals.

If there are gaps and holes in the ducts moving the air through the home, it results in wastage. Conversely, if the ducts are sealed, the air circulated more efficiently, increasing your energy efficiency and reducing your costs. Bergenfield services can help to seal up your ducts.  

Consider energy-efficient equipment

If your HVAC system is more than ten years old, it’s time to have it looked over by a professional engineer. Of course, a well-maintained system should last longer than this – between 15 and 25 years – but chances are it will need to be evaluated and possibly updated after ten years.


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