Freon Fills Service

Every now and again, you may find that your air conditioning isn’t cooling as well as it should be/ Often the most common reasons for this is the fact it needs a refill on Freon. Doing this is essential fo the efficient and smooth, speeding cooling from your air conditioning system. 

A Freon fill isn’t typically something that you can action yourself, as the incorrect disposal/discharge of old Freon gas can be damaging to the environment. This means it’s a job best left to the professionals at New Jersey HVAC who know exactly what they are doing. 

How Do You Know When Your AC Unit Need A Freon Refill? 

Some of the common signs that may lead to you needing a refill of freon in your air conditioning unit include: 

  • Inconsistent Temperature Readings 
  • Fining It more Difficult To Cool A Room 
  • Taking Longer Than Usual To Cool A Room 
  • Warm Air Blowing Even When Thermostat Is On Low
  • Oily Residue On Your Air Conditioning Components

 Here at New Jersey HVAC, we are fully qualified to refill and discharge the Freon in your air conditioning unit and restore it back to full efficiently as quickly as possible. It is something that, once completed, should last your around three years or more. If you need ot have it refilled more often than this, it may indicate that you have a leaking AC system ot other problems. 

Get in touch with us today to arrange your Freon fill requirements and get your air conditioning working at it’s best as quickly as possible.