Humidifier Service

The humidity level in your home can have a massive effect on the overall comfort and the health of your family. Here at New Jersey HVAC, we understand how vital these things are to you, which is why we are able to install a variety of humidifier and dehumidifier units in your home. 

Humidity shows how much moisture/water vapor is in the air. For the optimum comfort and health benefits, it’s recommended that humidity levels remain in the forty to sixty percent range. Above that, and you may need a dehumidifier. Below it, and the chances are you are living in an uncomfortably dry environment. If you think that your levels may be below the acceptable point, you may see an improvement from having a humidifier installed. 

Why Would You Need A Humidifier? 

 There are numerous benefits some of them include: 

  • Adds moisture to the air which leads to healthier feeling skin. 
  • Can help to alleviate blicked and dry sinuses. 
  • Create a great space for wooden furniture. 
  • Moisten the sinuses, so can help alleviate snoring issues. 
  • Reduces the risk of infections, because they can help to limit movement in viruses. 
  • Helps you to feel more comfortable or speed up recovery when you have a cold. 


New Jersey HVAC provides the assurance that your humidifier installation will be completed in a professional manner. You will receive top-notch service from qualified and competent technicians who are capable of maintaining the highest quality. 

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