Leak Detection Service

There is not much worst than turning your air conditioning on, waiting for the relief from the ice-cold air, to then find that it’s not working, or it’s not working as well as it should. Of course, there could be many reasons why, in many cases, the only way you will know 100% is to use a professional service like ourselves. One of the most common reasons for ineffective air conditioning is a refrigerant leak, here we are more than capable of dealing with it.


Common Sign That Your Air Conditioning May Be Leaking


No or Minimal Cool Air: The cool air that you receive from your air conditioning unit is driven by the refrigerant, so if there is a leak, it can prevent you from getting the cool air that you need for your home.


Blowing Hot Air: Even worst than no cool air has got to be hot air. It’s not ideal for a hot day. This is a clear sign that you need a refill, but if it’s happening regularly, it may be from a leak.


Increase In Your Energy Bills: Usually most people energy bills stay the same month from to month, so if you are getting a sudden increase but nothing has changed, it might be worth seeing if a leak in your air conditioning unit is to blame.


A leak in your air conditioning unit can certainly be a pain to deal with, however, it’s something that we deal with as a routine here at New Jersey HVAC.


If you think you may have a leak give our team a call at (201) 286-3036 and (201) 374-2366