Hackensack Licensed Home Inspector

A licensed home inspector is useful and sometimes required whether you are buying or selling a property. If you are selling a property, the inspector gives you the information you need to increase the asking price, and if you’re a buyer, it means you don’t invest in a faulty property.  

Plumbing problems 

Plumbing problems are often overlooked in a property because they are not pressing until something breaks and there are leaks and floods. But plumbing problems are likely to exist in a property’s pipes and drainage systems, especially if the property is older. 


A licensed home inspector will examine the pipes and drainage system in the property and advise on any blockages, cracks, or leaks. Using this report, you can then improve the plumbing of your home and add value to its market price. It also helps to reduce your water bills.   

Roof issues 

If you’re buying a property, you will need to get a licensed home inspector to check the property’s integrity; this reduces the chances of you investing in a property that has extensive structural issues. It’s important to find any leaks in the roof and walls of your new property. 


Unless you visit the property in the pouring rain, there’s a strong chance you won’t notice any leaks. This can lead to costly renovations after you have bought the house. Hiring a licensed home inspector gives you the confidence you need to invest your money safely in the property.  

Heating and Cooling 

The energy system in property has become a strong selling point. These days, buyers want a heating and cooling system that is energy modern and efficient. Of course, this is not always possible, especially in older properties. That said, even an older energy system can be updated. 


A licensed home inspector will thoroughly check the heating and cooling system in the property and report on its efficiency and equipment. This gives you the chance to clean the ducts, change the filters and seal up the cracks to improve the home’s energy efficiency and costs.  


Ventilation is another aspect of a property that is often overlooked. That’s because ventilation is out of sight and only needs attention when something is blocked or running inefficiently. However, ventilation is very important. It can affect health and influence the property’s value. 


The air you breathe in your home comes through ducts and vents. Unfortunately, these also carry dust and debris that builds up and influences the air quality. The air quality can also be affected by dirty filters in HVAC units. Have these inspected before investing in a new home?     

Electrical issues

A property might look stunning from the outside, but if the electrical wiring is faulty, it can cause all kinds of issues and pose some danger. When viewing a property, you might overlook the quality of sockets and switches – that’s why a licensed home inspector is recommended. A home inspector will identify any electrical issues so you can buy the home with your eyes open.  


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