HVAC Readiness During Reopening Economy

Covid-19 vaccinations are continually being administered, and most businesses are resuming operation at their physical locations. If you are considering doing the same, there are some essential measures that you should take before you turn the key and flip the sign.

If your business was closed for some months, your HVAC system has been sitting idle for some time now. It would be best if you took measures to ensure that it is up and running before you reopen your business.

Get a HVAC Check-Up To Re-Open Your Business Faster

Re-opening your business premises after the pandemic isn’t an easy task. In addition to ensuring that you meet all the new social distance and cleanliness rules, you must ensure that your HVAC  systems and equipment are up to speed. This can be a complex and time-consuming process. Lack of adequate preparation can also lead to unforeseen delays when your business is inspected by the authorities to ensure that it meets the re-opening standards.

Therefore, the best approach for planning to re-open your business premises is by conducting a full HVAC system check-up.  HVAC professionals can still get into your building to perform this vital inspection even if it is closed. The inspection includes checking thermostat settings, cleaning ducts and air vents, lubricating moving parts, and cleaning and disinfecting system components, among others.

Set a HVAC Service and Maintenance Strategy

If your business premises aren’t operating now, it is essential to create a strategic roadmap as soon as possible to prepare for its re-opening. Here, you should outline the critical HVAC infrastructure within the building and identify the kind of support they will need in the short and long term.

The best time to craft an effective HVAC maintenance strategy is right before your building becomes operational again. It is also the right time to craft a solid strategic foundation and framework.

Commercial HVAC Coil and Duct Cleaning

The ducts and coils are the heartbeats of your commercial AC unit. In addition to being the vital organs of your system, they are also the dirtiest components because foreign debris and dust are drawn to these areas.

The dust and dirt collected in the coils and ducts can provide a natural environment for allergens and mold to grow and multiply. It is, therefore, recommendable to have them cleaned before re-opening your building and inspect them closely for rodent and bird nesting since they haven’t been in use for a significant period. The cleaning process can begin with using compressed air to blow out the ducts, after which they are thoroughly disinfected to kill any germs and pathogens. Bear in mind that clean HVAC coils lead to better performance.

Controlling Aerosol Transmission

The Covid-19 virus can only spread through aerosol transmission. Sneezing and coughing generate thousands of tiny liquid droplets. A virus can attach itself to the droplets and travel through the air, therefore entering the lungs of uninfected individuals when they breathe. They can also land on solid surfaces and be transmitted to a person when he or she makes contact with them and then touches their nose or mouth.

A well-maintained HVAC system ensures an adequate flow of air, therefore reducing the risk of spreading viruses across your business location.


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