Is Your HVAC Equipped For Thanksgiving During Covid?

This holiday season will be a little bit different to the ones we have known before. The holiday season always wants to be perfect but never truly is; people fight over politics, the weather is cold and icy, and the food sometimes doesn’t turn out how we wanted it to. This year, though, there are bigger problems facing the holiday season than a dry turkey. The COVID-19 pandemic has warped this year into a frightening mess, and now that holiday season is approaching, many people are concerned about being able to see family. 

Issues With Family Thanksgiving During COVID-19

Thanksgiving is around the corner, but you might be still wondering what to do about having family over for the holidays. This time of year is all about giving thanks, and for most, it is essential that we have the ability to spend time with those we love. Nevertheless, this is more difficult than it seems; coronavirus has flattened our chances of having a normal holiday season. 


The biggest issue facing families this Thanksgiving is whether you can have multiple guests from different households in your home on the day. Depending on where you live, this is either against the law or simply unadvisable, but the bottom line is: everyone is taking risks by inviting others over for dinner. 

How Your HVAC Can Affect Your Family Thanksgiving

How can my HVAC affect Thanksgiving? Well, let’s start with how COVID-19 is transmitted. COVID-19 is transmitted through particles which are transferred onto others by speaking, laughing or breathing close to another person. If you have COVID-19, having a close-contact conversation with somebody else, even for a short time, could transmit the virus to them. That’s why the World Health Organization advised that friends and family meet up outside for social gatherings; it decreases the chance of transmission due to increased ventilation.


Here’s where your HVAC comes in. A full-working ventilation system in your house can help you reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission during Thanksgiving. If you are inviting people to your home for the holidays, make sure that your HVAC is in working order and your house is fully ventilated. You can do this by:


  • Checking the filters. 
  • Having your HVAC serviced and/or replaced by an engineer.
  • Increasing ventilation by opening doors around the house.
  • Opening windows around the house to create an air flow.


Any small efforts to reduce transmission can save lives. By updating your HVAC, you can revolutionize your ability to ventilate your home in time for Thanksgiving, keeping the air in the house fresh and helping reduce transmission. Of course, other factors are at play here, such as social distancing, wearing masks and avoiding physical contact with guests, but ventilation plays a huge part in this. 


Getting family together is one of the things that makes the holiday season special. If you are planning to do so for Thanksgiving, ensure you pay attention to your ventilation needs before the big day.


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