Latest freon and going green for friendlier to environment

Airconditioning is now becoming more of an eco-friendly option, with the use of the latest freon NU22, we are now seeing an option that doesn’t damage ozone but still provides homeowners with great air conditioning.


There are many people who link air conditioning with a heavy environmental impact, and when it comes to the older system, this isn’t an unfair presumption.


However, increasingly, more modern air conditioning systems are now becoming more environmentally friendly. It’s not just about groundbreaking or innovative systems either, we are also seeing it with standard air conditioning units that you see in homes and offices across the globe. So, what has changed?

Technology Is Constantly Improving

You probably already know that air conditioners function through heat transfer. This usually involves ozone-damaging refrigerants and energy-intensive compressors both are well known for being used without care for the environment.


However, as technology is constantly improving it helps to keep in with our growing concern for the environment. Ait conditioning manufacturers of today are now using carefully sourced materials in a green new deal to make air conditioning systems more sustainable than ever.


You will find that most modern air conditioning systems are now rated A for efficiency, and they no longer rely on refrigerants, which make them far more friendly for the environment. When you have a new airconditioning system installed, maintained, or serviced they now have to have, by law,  an F-Gas certificate from REFCOM. This ensures that the environmental impact is being kept to a minimum.


This means that thanks to the use of materials such as NU22 freon, air conditioning units are now better for the environment than ever before.

Choosing The Right Size

It is essential to choose the right sized unit for your home. If it’s too small then your home won’t be cool, and you will waste energy by needing it on for longer periods to compensate.

Using A Programmable Thermostat

If you are looking to save energy, it is important for your unit to have a thermostat that is programmable. It will help you to limit wasted energy because you are able to set the unit to turn off/on without needing to be there. A program works great when you have a regular schedule.


Regular Maintenance

One way you can help your air conditioning unit to run optimally and stay environmentally friendly is to make sure you have it inspected and maintenance annually. Some homeowners choose to have it serviced before the summer and the winter.


If you already have an air-conditioning system installed in your home, it may be time to check on its age. Older units can’t meet the same high standards and perform to an energy-efficient level that is the same as today. You may find that if you have an older unit you could be paying far more on your energy bills than you actually need to. The best thing for you to do would be to think about replacing your aging unit with a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly model.



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