Optimize your heating system in coldest month of the year

As the temperatures start to get much colder, with snow and blizzards potentially in the forecast, you need to start looking at ways that you can optimize the energy output of your home. By doing this, you will not only slash your home energy budget, but you will be able to maintain the quality of your heating system. So here are some of the things that you can do to optimize your heating system’s energy efficiency in this cold and frigid winter weather.


Keep Your Thermostat on Low

When you keep your thermostat on by a couple of degrees, you can help to save money on your heating bill. You can have a comfortable temperature to live in that is just lower, but it will help to save money, as well as take the strain off your heating, if you lower the thermostat slightly. 


Replace HVAC Filters

If you have a heating system that isn’t working as it should be, then it can be a good idea to look at the HVAC filters of your heating system. By preventing your heating system from running efficiently, then you will stop getting the nice warm home that you are looking for. Dirty filters can also mean that the heating system won’t be able to run as efficiently, so it is a good idea to replace any dirty HVAC filters, and do this a few times a year, usually every three months. 


Check Your Insulation

The insulation of your home can last for a number of years, but if it starts to disintegrate then no matter how much you heat the home, the heat won’t stay in. Water damage can be something that decreases the efficiency of the home insulation. A heating system that is working well will be a waste if the insulation isn’t working well. So check your insulation and look to repair any damaged insulation as soon as possible. 


Schedule a Service for Your Heating System

Your HVAC system is something that should be cleaned at least once a year, as well as being maintained at least once a year. Having a yearly tune-up can help to keep your heating system in a great condition all year round. If you haven’t had a service or a tune-up on your heating system for a while now, then get in contact with us at New Jersey HVAC today. We are experienced in HVAC maintenance and want to make sure that you have an efficient heating system in the coldest months of the year.


Contact us today

If you are looking to optimize your HVAC systems in the coldest months, then get in touch with one of our team today. We have years of experience in updating and helping your heating systems to work as best as they can, through servicing and replacing filters, as well as other updates. Get in touch with us today and we will be able to help you to get your heating working well and not wasting your money on heating bills that aren’t actually working to keep your home warm. 


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