Post Pandemic Office HVAC

It’s the role of the office facility manager to look after its occupants, to make them feel comfortable during the pandemic and prepared when it comes to the risk of spread of the virus, Covid-19 as more people return to their usual place of work. 


A facility manager is an important part of the office, they maintain, monitor, manage the installation of the office HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). 


The current Covid-19 pandemic is an even more critical role especially post-pandemic. The ventilation and filtration system of an HVAC unit can greatly help to mitigate the risk of transmission. Post-pandemic, this is sure to ease the mind of any concerned employees. 


Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of having a well-managed office HVAC system post-Covid-19:


The office HVAC system needs to function well for the people who work there HVAC systems help to regulate the thermal temperature, filtration, and ventilation to keep the occupants of the office building focused on their work instead of worrying about being too cold or hot. 


An office HVAC system also helps to regulate the humidity so, therefore plays a crucial role in combating the transmission of respiratory viral illnesses such as Covid-19. As well as this, an office HVAC system provides employees with a good level of comfort. 


A facility manager plays a critical role in the management of an office HVAC system and will alter the settings accordingly. They will also know which filtration system will work best in your space for your occupancy. Air filtration systems can help to maximize airflow by providing clean air from the outdoors and push dirty indoor air out. Making it easier and more comfortable for your employees. 


Dilution is when used air is replaced with fresh air. It’s all about maximizing the outside air that is brought into the building through the office HVAC system. The operation of HVAC systems in the workplace post-pandemic need to be running optimally and suited to the occupancy. Post-pandemic more dilution may be needed, therefore, the office HVAC system may need to be operational for longer periods of time in order for more air to be recirculated from within. 


The filtration system helps to reduce the amount of particulate matter that is flowing in the airstream before it enters the office space. Post-pandemic the filtration of the office HVAC system will play a critical role in ensuring that the new industry standards are being met. Requirements may also change along with any changes post-pandemic so it is essential to change the filtration system in line with this. 


When it comes to your office HVAC system post-pandemic, it is essential that you identify and recognise the ways it can help to make your workplace safer and more comfortable for employees who are retrning to work. As more people start to attend the office, the more essential it comes for all stytems including the filteration system to be working optimally. 


Do you have any other ways that it could help? Please share them in the comments section below. 



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